Rethinking Distribution and Storage

Supply Chain Academy

Advance your knowledge around the future of retail, digital transformation and Industry 4.0

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We offer a new set of customized training programs every quater.

Advance your knowledge around digital transformation and Industry 4.0

Ecommerce Logistics and Order Fulfillment

You will learn about setting up logistics of shipping, developing an In-House order fulfillment process, finding fulfillment partners, developing profitable relationships with outsourced logistic agency, shipping & handling, organising your ecommerce warehouse and more...

Building and Managing Lean Supply Chains

You will improve the systems thinking skills, how to meet your customers’ needs be developing a product that delivers real value, and by adapting when customer preferences change.

Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Learn how blockchain technology is being used to enable and deliver more secure, transparent and efficient supply chains. Learn a valuable seven step process for successfully implementing a blockchain technology project.

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