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Why Waredock?

Traditional 3PL Warehouse

Central Warehouse 

One or few warehouse locations

Confusing Pricing

Complicated fees make it difficult to forecast


Cost-prohibitive high monthly order minimums

Complex Software

Confusing legacy software that takes months to setup

Hard to Scale

Each facility requires separate integrations and logins.

Waredock Warehouse

Network of On-Demand Warehouses

Cross-border network of warehouses, close to customers.

Simple Pricing

Line-level invoices for clarity

No Minimums

Pay only for the space you use, on-demand, not empty space

Software as a Service

Secure and cloud based. Learn in minutes. 

One Waredock Login

Access multiple warehouses with a single login

Services of Our On-Demand Warehouses

Pick, Pack & Ship

Item Labeling

Amazon FBA Prep

Container Unloading & Cross-Docking

Wholesale Carton Pick


All kinds of businesses use Waredock

Outgrown your bedroom or garage? On demand warehouse helps you spare time and cash.

Store your materials in a flexible storage facility near your site.

Manage your items for Amazon FBA at low cost.

Take your hospitality logistics to a new level by storing and shipping using our network.

Store furniture and ship to your end customers from our facilities.

Store your items in our food-grade certified network of warehouses.

We handle the storage, transportation, and service of inventory on a month-to-month basis for different sectors. And without space minimums.

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