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On-Demand network for warehousing And Distribution

Using our network  means simplifying distribution

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Traditional 3PL Logistics

Central Warehouse

One or few warehouse locations

Confusing Pricing

Complicated fees make it difficult to forecast


Cost-prohibitive high monthly order minimums

Complex Software

Confusing legacy software that takes months to setup

Hard to Scale

Each facility with separate integrations 

Waredock Distribution

Geographically Dispersed Network 

A network of warehouses and fulfillment centers 

Simple Pricing

Line-level invoices for clarity

No Minimums

Pay only for the space you use, on-demand, not empty space

Software as a Service

Secure and cloud based. Learn in minutes.

One Waredock Login

Access multiple warehouses with a single login

We Solve Real Problems

Services of Our Network

Inventorty Storage

Inventory Storage

Bulk storage for your inventory—anywhere, any time—no strings attached.


E-Commerce Fulfillment

Exceed customer expectations with a simple, scalable approach to eCommerce fulfillment.

Kitting. Pick and Pack.

Waredock knows what it takes to get your products assembled and shipped on time.


Fast quoting and straight-forward prices. We will find the best carrier for your goods.


Is your supply chain strategy lacking fresh perspective? Our experts are here to help you.

Special Projects

We love challenges. Lets discuss your special requirements and see how we can help.

Warehouses Near Me

We are

Near Your Customers

Our geographically dispersed warehouse and fulfillment centre network in Europe and US allows you to lower shipping costs and get products delivered faster.

Benefit From

A Centralized Software Platform

Manage your 3PL warehouse and distribution from one single platform


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