Retail and eCommerce Fulfillment

To your customer's door or a retail shop

Our cloud-based fulfillment platform enables you to fulfill your inventory anywhere, anyhow, to anyone.

One single unit, a few boxes, or an entire pallet, ship your stock however you like.

Fulfillment Europe
On demand warehousing

International Fulfillment Network

Our cross-border network stretches out to 9+ countries in Europe and Northern America. That means you can offer one and two-day shipping to more clients in more regions.

Pick, Pack, Ship

The second you receive an order, we get to work – making sure your shipment is picked, packed, and shipped to your exact specifications. In selected European countries we offer next day shipping

Fulfillment Network
Machine Learning and Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Track inbound and outbound shipments to and from your warehouses. See SKUs, descriptions, and manage your items with just a few clicks. 


We work with the best ecommerce fulfilment centers in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. We deliver 100% successful ecommerce and logistics services for growing startups and large retailers.

Machine Learning and Inventory Management

We Solve Real Problems With

Fulfillment in Europe and US

Inventorty Storage

Inventory Storage

Storage for your inventory—anywhere, any time—no strings attached.


E-Commerce Fulfillment

Exceed customer expectations with a simple, scalable approach to eCommerce fulfillment.

Kitting. Pick and Pack.

Waredock knows what it takes to get your products assembled and shipped on time. Customized packaging and branding.


Fast quoting and straight-forward prices. We will find the best carrier for your goods.

Returns Handling

Get a solid process for your returns. We provide quality control and re-storage of your stock.


Shipping Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can you help me ship one single order?

No. Waredock does not handle individual shipments. We are a B2B business helping eCommerce businesses ship their orders to consumers. We currently require new clients to ship a minimum of 200 orders per month in order to take advantage of our services and competitive rates. We currently don’t have any solutions for low order volume.

Do you ship alcohol?

No. Shipping alcohol requires special handling. Waredock does not currently offer a solution on shipping alcohol.

Do you handle returns?

Yes. We do offer returns. Specify your needs after sign-up. Not all locations offer the same level of customizations when it comes to returns handling.

Do you offer temperature controlled shipping and storage?

Usually yes. In some locations  we do have the means to store and ship goods that require shipping at a regulated temperature. Contact us for a custom solution.

I would like to get a quote, how do I get one?

We would like to invite you to sign up. It is free and no strings attached. Shipping is more complicated than people think. Prices depend on several variables, including the weight of the product, dimensions, destination and the type of product. 

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