It is a strategically located, modern warehouse with a total warehouse area of 46,440 sqm, split in Distribution Center 1 and 2. Arlanda is known for its well-functioning infrastructure. The location is an established networking location and plays a major role in the logistics industry. This area of the Stockholm region addresses regional development in terms of traffic, infrastructure, residential construction, business development and environmental issues.

The newly constructed warehouse is 36 km north of Stockholm, 5 km from Arlanda International Airport and close to the crossing of motorways E 18 to Oslo and E 20 to Gothenburg.

Clear height: 11.7 meters
Column grid: 13 x 25 meters
Fire alarm and evacuation alarm, sprinkler system, fire hoses and emergency lighting
Maximum floor load capacity: 3,500 kilograms per square meter
Dock doors: 6
Overhead doors: 1
District heating

Warehouse Specification
  • Area

    27000 m2

  • Pallet Capacity

    5000 pallets

  • Rack Height

    1200 mm

  • Rack Width

    800 mm

  • Rack Depth

    800 mm

  • Total Rack Height

    3 pallets

  • No. of Loading Docks



#002A1203 | Arlanda, Sweden

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