Piloting cobots in a warehouse

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Cobots (that are enabling collaboration of humans and robots ) have been making an entry to on-demand warehouses and fulfilment centres. Cobots are easy to implement and very configurable based on request (adding a gripper etc). Universal Robots arm reach is 1,2m and it carries a 8kg payload.
According to industry 4.0 consultant Sarah Rain from Pilotic (www.pilotic.com)  the main benefits of cobots in a warehouse or fulfilment centre are:
  • Reduction of manual effort for repetitive tasks
  • Easy installation and programming
  • Relief from risky activities
Basic proof of concept set up could include an universal robot (eg Rozum or Universal Robots) and a packaging line. Piloting costs per cobot are 50 000 EUR (implementation per cobot without connecting it to a Warehouse Management System). For more information about having your own proof of concept contact Pilotic (www.pilotic.com)

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