Apart from pallet storage, warehouse offers fine cargo racks and vertical shelves for storage of smaller goods and quantities.Goods Reception- Checking the quantities and quality;- When necessary, placing the goods on pallets;- Handling of returns.Goods Storage- Following FIFO, FEFO;- Taking inventory;- Inventories and movements are visible online.Order Handling- Electronic reception of orders (EDI);- Web-orders;- Sales reports and delivery notes.Value Added Services- Labelling;- Repacking;- Labelling of Estonian strong alcohol excise stamps in the Excise Warehouse and doing MAIS reporting;- Labelling of Russian tax stamps in the Customs Warehouse (alcohol from non-EU Member states) and Excise Warehouse (alcohol from EU Member States);- Checking of quality;- Changing and fixing of defective products.OutboundCross Docking Consolidated incoming shipments are sorted and distributed to individual customer shipments, which then in turn are consolidated to be delivered in one shipment.

Warehouse Specification
  • Area

    24000 m2

  • Pallet Capacity

    36000 pallets

  • No. of Loading Docks



Warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia | #003A1201

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