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For 3PLs, recruiting and retaining top talent is a prerequisite for growth, yet, it is also a big risk. Since around 2016, the UETR, a road haulers association in Europe, has been cautioning of the growing emergency confronting the industry because of shortage of drivers. Similarly, Road Haulage Association in UK, has for years highlighted the driver shortages. In 2015, the association claimed that there was lacking 45,000 drivers in the U.K., and with 35,000 drivers having retired in the course of recent years the circumstance seems to have deteriorated.

The challenge for the U.K. as well as the European Union is compounded by Brexit. EU drivers working in the United Kingdom have, to some extent, subsidized the shortage of British drivers. Be that as it may, these drivers are probably not going to stay working in the U.K. if not given equal employment status guarantees. This labor shortage is also present in contract logistics sector in hubs like Venlo (Netherlands), Poznań (Poland) and Zaragoza(Spain).

Employee retention is more and more an area where 3PLs are progressively focusing on. 3PLs have been losing talent to fast growing companies in the commerce fulfillment segment or emerging specialist 3PL operators who are looking for proficient and experienced employees. In the U.K. third party logistics suppliers are working with associations such as The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport to offer formal training and knowledge sharing to their employees. According to CBRE Ireland 2019 report over one-quarter (26%) of 3PL companies in Ireland have increased both the volume and quality of their training to address skills shortages. 20% have improved pay and working conditions in an effort to attract future employees, whilst 18% have invested more in their company’s HR department and recruitment processes.

3PL Jobs in Europe

Below we have highlighted few bigger 3PL providers who have operating locations or branches across Europe and are currently actively recruiting in those locations.

3.5Team Leader,
Warehouse Operative,
Distribution Manager
UK, Germany,
Belgium, Ukraine
DB Schenker3.2Production Operator,
Hi-tech Operator,
Head of
Operations Excellence
Czech Republic,
Poland, Austria
Panalpina3.5Warehouse operative,
Stock integrity controller
Germany, UK
GEODIS3.2Site Manager,
Warehouse Supervisor,
Solution Engineer
France, Germany
3.6Carrier Coordinator,
Warehouse Supervisor, Operations Manager
Belgium, Germany,
Hungary, France, Slovakia

How Do I Find A 3PL Job Near Me?

There are many ways how to find a nearby job in 3PL contract logistics. Below we have collected some links to quickly find 3PL job posts in different regions of the world. You can just follow any of the links and change the location to yours to find 3PL opportunities in your area.

3PL Jobs in USA




3PL Jobs in UK

Indeed UK


3PL Jobs in Germany


Stepstone DE

What About Fulfillment Center Amazon Jobs?

Amazon is expanding its fulfillment network agressively and now has over 75 fulfillment centers and 125,000 full time employees. Hence there are many opportunities in Amazon Fulfillment Centers. See their careers page here.

We have covered before the robotic fulfillment centers and strong automation at Amazon fulfillment centers. Recently there have also been reports on how Amazon is using automation to track and fire employees at the warehouses. Thus, before applying for specific position it makes sense to read some of the reviews for the position you are applying for. For example read the Indeed or Glassdoor reviews on working as a Fulfillment Associate.

If working for a large 3PL provider does not sound exciting to you and you want to make an impact in your country, ping us at Waredock. We are always excited to work with talented people and discover ways to help local communities with networked distribution and warehousing,

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