Warehouse Market in the UK 2020

Warehouse market in the UK 2021

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Demand in Warehousing

In the UK, 43% of H1 2020 take-up can be attributed to online retailers, with Amazon alone accounting for 36% of the total. Furthermore, 3PLs accounted for 15%, many undertaking contracts for the NHS.

Waredock and other on-demand warehousing providers have observed an increase in the number of coronavirus related short-term deals. According to Savills research in the UK, 11% of deals were short-term lease agreements as a result of Covid-19, including space to hold excess stock by retailers with a dominant high street presence. 

Investments in Warehousing Market

Germany has overtaken the UK as the most active market, exceeding €3bn during H1 2020 and marking a 12% increase against the same period in 2019. The UK (€2.8bn) and France (€2.1bn) completed the top three.

Biggest growth can be witnessed in Poland (+171% YoY) which recorded particularly strong increase, with transactions volumes totalling €1.1bn

Consumer trends

Waredock in the UK

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