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Frequently Asked Questions

Waredock offers on-request warehousing to businesses of all sizes. We handle the storage, transportation, and management of stock on a month-to-month basis without space minimums. Clients manage their stock at all warehouses through a single simple user interface.

When you put your products in a storage unit you need to be there to receive and ship them. When you use Waredock, our professional staff will unload your palletized shipments and receive them into our inventory software that provides you with real-time visibility. When you are ready to ship the products back to yourself or a customer, simply create a request in our software and we'll take care of the rest. Storage units are also relatively small, expensive on a square foot basis, and rarely have loading docks.

Leasing a warehouse is great when you have a reliable forecast, little seasonality, and money to invest for improvements and equipment. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for most us, and we end up paying for space we are not utilizing and wasting labor hours when order forecasts differ from our expectations.

With Waredock, we offer you the ability to pay for only what you use, and we include standard warehousing services, such as loading and shipping, as available options. You can remove your goods from the warehouse at any given time.

While rare, please contacts us and we will work to make the situation right.

You will be required to pay any outstanding fees and then transfer your goods out of the warehouse. At that point, please contact us and we will cancel your service. We will prorate your costs for the month based on when your goods are out of the warehouse.

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