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Consumer Goods Fulfillment

Our fulfillment centers are located across  Europe, which means your customers receive their orders faster.

Consumer Goods Fulfillment

Consumer Goods Fulfillment

How it works?

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Sign up as a merchant. Our Team will contact you for onboarding.

Send Your Inventory

Place your order and ship to one of our hubs in Europe or US.


We receive, count, and inspect your inventory. You'll also be able to check the status of each of your items at any time.

Picking & Packing

Our Team will begin prepping your products to your standards.


We will print shipping labels on your behalf and ship to your customers


Why Our Fulfillment Centers Are Special


Why Our Fulfillment Centers Are Special

We get You

Direct to consumers

We support direct to consumer (D2C) initiatives by being a trusted fulfillment partner for CPG and FMCG brands. Use our  warehouse and fulfillment network to deliver the product to your end customers

We help

Scale horizontally

More products and more countries mean more orders, more stock, and more returns. Our flexible network helps you grow fast and sustainably, without losing control.

We work with

Small Brands

We work with both global brands as well as born-digital challenger brands looking to get started and to scale.

We Operate In

Niche Segments

Our network covers  niche segmens such as organic products, personalized goods, and vegan foods.

Some Answers To

Common Questions

Yes – we work with all Marketplaces, we accept packages ‏from anywhere in the world to our fulfillment centers in Europe and US and ship them worldwide.

Yes, we do! Please give us at least a 48 hour heads up so we can prepare  for your delivery.

Our fees can vary to your specific and special requirements. 

All you need to do is to register yourself via Get Started section. Our team will lead tell you exectly what to do and that’s it!

We accept all goods. We do not accept hazardous material, counterfeit goods or any other prohibited items.

Yes we do. We work with companies of all sizes.

Shipping costs vary depending on location. Sign up for onboarding and we will find the best rates for you.

We can pack and ship your returns. You will just need to provide us the shipping label. 

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