What are B2B Fulfilment and B2B Logistics?

b2b logistics

What is B2B Order Fulfilment?

B2B (business-to-business) order fulfillment is the process of shipping batch orders to businesses. The most common type of B2B fulfillment is shipping wholesale orders, which ship to retailers for resale to consumers. Some B2B warehouses operate more like distribution centers than traditional logistics companies.

Wholesale orders are just one part of B2B order fulfillment. Businesses may make bulk orders of supplies they need for their operations. This type of B2B order could be a corporate headquarters stocking up on bulk office supplies or a janitorial company buying cleaning supplies in bulk.

B2B 3PL lets you outsource a critical segment of your supply chain. Your B2B order fulfillment provider can handle the burdensome requirements of wholesale delivery like a pro. That gives you the confidence to pursue wholesale accounts with companies that can turn your business into a big success.

What is B2B Logistics?

B2B logistics or Business-to-business logistics service is one where there are one or more commercial transactions between two businesses, as opposed to goods being delivered directly to the end-user or customer.

Most businesses depend on B2B service providers for a smooth customer experience. Good examples of this are third-party providers, 3PL distributors, skilled partners for special tasks, even professional customer care teams to cater to unique customer needs. Businesses can also partner with government agencies and non-government organizations in some cases.

Contracts with B2B service providers are usually yearly or longer contracts. The service providers are responsible for smooth delivery operations and distribution so that the client can achieve their SLAs. B2B logistics services can ensure a smooth flow of the supply chain and improve customer experience.

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