How much time is needed to build a warehouse?

building of warehouse

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Short answer – it depends. Globally speaking the time needed to build a warehouse has declined in the past 10 years. However, there are still big differences, even between countries in developed economies. For example, one of the best performing countries according to the World Bank in terms of time required are Singapore (41 days in 2018) and United Arab Emirates (50.5 days in 2018). At the same time in United Kingdom you can become a warehouse owner in 86 days. Compare that to 183 days in France or 126 days in Germany.

While building times are declining, the costs to build high tech modern warehouses have skyrocketed. This has been further fueled by raising property prices and the demand for last-mile distribution centers in metropolitan areas (we covered this topic in our report on Polish warehouse market outlook).

Supply chain managers in industries as diverse as retail, FMCG, automotive and industrial goods are continuously looking for ways to optimize costs and lower shipping times. Forwading looking brands are opting for flexible on-demand warehousing as an alternative to building their own warehouses or committing to long term lease contracts. Visit Waredock networked distribution page to learn more how you can benefit from cross-border network of warehouses.

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