What is Warehouse Operations?

Warehouse operations consist of receiving goods, storage, order picking and shipping.

Warehouse operations
Warehouse Operations Infographic

Order Picking

Order picking is the costliest process of warehouse operations. Manual order picking usually consists of a number of steps that are quite similar for different warehouses. The process is started by the order picker receiving a
picking list with different items that are to be picked. The picker then walks or drives a forklift to the locations of the items on the lists and collects the required quantity either on a trolley, pallet or some other form of load carrier. The picker returns to the starting location or a packaging station where the collected items are packaged and then shipped off to customers. Manual order picking is a labour-intensive activity and can be quite
time-consuming according – by some estimates more than 50 % of the operating expenses of a warehouse may be due to order picking, as a result of the labour-intensive nature of manual order picking.

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