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All kinds of businesses use Waredock

Outgrown your bedroom or garage? On demand warehouse helps you spare time and cash.

Store your materials in a flexible storage facility near your site.

Manage your items for Amazon FBA at low cost.

Take your hospitality logistics to a new level by storing and shipping using our network.

Store furniture and ship to your end customers from our facilities.

Store your items in our food-grade certified network of warehouses.

On Demand Warehouse

We handle the storage, transportation, and service of inventory on a month-to-month basis for different sectors. And without space minimums.

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Industry Insights

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On-Demand Warehouse Space Gains Traction

Wall Street Journal reports that in USA some big retailers are looking to become as…

Jan 10
Swedish order intake downward trend in November

The total order intake of Swedish industry decreased by 2.7 per cent in November 2018…

Jan 10
Costco enters Swedish market

Costco, world’s second largest low-cost store after Walmart, plans to open…