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If you’re a business in need of an eCommerce fulfillment center in Hamburg or warehouse space for rent in Hamburg, you need look no further than Waredock. Waredock is the best choice for warehousing and fulfillment services in Hamburg and everywhere in Germany.


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Hamburg Logistics Market Overview


With over 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. It is part of the five most important regions in Germany, collectively often called the “Big Five” (the other four being Berlin, Rhine-Ruhr region, Frankfurt and Munich)

The most important industries in Hamburg include aircraft construction and shipbuilding. The IT sector is also well represented with large multimedia, social media and software companies.

Key Numbers:

1.2 million

Working Population

90,905 EUR

GDP per employed person

Storage Cost in Hamburg

The rent level has not changed in the course of the year. Goods receipt costs anywhere bewteeen 2,00 € and 5,69 € per pallet. Storage in Hamburg costs from 3,00 € to 14,00 € per pallet. Handling outgoing pallets costs between 2,00 € and 6,99 €.


Space Availability

After take-up in recent years was often limited by a lack of supply in the market area, there is currently an increasing amount of existing and new space available in some locations. Modern space is in great demand, particularly in the harbour area. In contrast, in Billbrook and Allermöhe spaces of less than 5,000 m² are still in short supply. Here and in the older harbour areas, space potential could still be raised through densification and brownfield developments. 

Hamburg Logistics Outlook

Hamburg’s logistics market is closely intertwined with the flows of goods handled in the port, which generally results in high demand from logistics firms. In addition, the increasing demand for space from retail companies is also playing an ever greater role in the Hanseatic city. And there is also a need for restructuring and thus space on the part of manufacturing, for example in the automotive and aviation segments. Against this backdrop, it does not seem unrealistic that a take-up of a similar magnitude to that of recent years can be achieved again in 2021.

Fulfilment In Hamburg Germany
Port of Hamburg, the largest seaport in Germany.

Fulfillment Prices in Hamburg

The Prices for Fulfillment in the area of Hamburg are are for informational purpose only and are not binding.

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Why Outsource eCommerce Fulfillment in Hamburg?

Deciding to outsource order fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider is a challenge. There are hundreds of factors and data points to consider when choosing the right 3PL warehouse. Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment in Hamburg may be right for your business if:

If any of the above apply to your eCommerce business then it’s time to outsource your order eCommerce fulfillment with the help of Waredock in Hamburg! With over 1 million square meters of warehouse space, our strategically located fulfillment centers in Hamburg enable our clients with on-demand eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment service helping them save time and money.


Fulfillment Services in Hamburg

The faster an e-retailer can turn its inventory and deliver its product the more revenue it can make. That’s why the preferred locations for eCommerce fulfillment warehouses are adjacent to consumer markets and within close proximity to intermodal ports and transportation arteries.

Inventorty Storage

Inventory Storage

Bulk storage for your inventory—anywhere, any time—no strings attached.


E-Commerce Fulfilment

Exceed customer expectations with a simple, scalable approach to eCommerce fulfilment.

Picking, Packing and Labeling

Waredock knows what it takes to get your products assembled and shipped on time.


Fast quoting and straight-forward prices. We will find the best carrier for your goods.


Returns Handling

Returns are handled as per your instructions.

FBA prep by Amazon

Amazon FBA Prep

Services for inspecting your packages when they arrive (to protect you from potential Amazon penalties), plus bagging, wrapping, labelling, kitting and sending your items off to the FBA centre.


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