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Order Fulfillment

Logistics Glossary
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Order fulfillment can be defined as the steps or process of receiving goods, then processing and delivering orders to customers.

Order Fulfillment Pricing Strategies

Different 3PLs price their fulfillment services in different ways. At Waredock we price ecommerce order fulfillment services in the following way.

Fulfillment ServiceHow it’s priced
ReceivingFlat rate, or per hour
Inventory storageShelf meter price and per pallet price
Pick and pack feesIncluded in subscription, or per hour.
Standard packagingIncluded in subscription, or per hour.
ShippingCarrier pricing passed directly on to client

Above is an example of Waredock simple fulfillment pricing. Reach out to our team for a custom fulfillment quote that takes into account your business’s size, needs, strategy and budget.

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