What is multi-warehousing?

Multi-warehousing allows customers to store goods in different warehouse locations and still have a single point of contact who takes end-to-end responsibility for services. When order is placed, the fulfillment center closest to that customer fulfills the order.

Benefits of Waredock multi-warehousing

Fulfillment Time

Ecommerce has seen exponential growth and with growing competition customers expect fast delivery more than ever. By using multi-warehousing model you can beat traditional online stores that are still selling products from one location. You can also compete with local retailers that can possibly ship similar products faster.

Lower Carbon Footprint

By warehousing your products in near your customers you are creating a lower carbon footpring. A more environmentally friendly fulfillment is a unique selling point for many modern shoppers.

Scalable Fulfillment

Shipping orders from one central warehouse becomes inefficient once an online store reaches a certain scale. When an online store is shipping multiple orders worldwide, it is time to think about spreading inventory to more than one location.

Streamlined Operations

Making a new warehouse operational – and seamlessly integrating it into your existing enterprise – can be a stressful and challenging endeavor. Take advantage of Waredock network, revamp your current business practices and get your new warehouse in order.

Single Point of View

With Waredock inventory management system, it’s easy to get a snapshot of your inventory across your entire e-commerce operation. While the platform is great and helps you save significant manhours, it’s still important to conduct physical counts at the warehouses . Our warehouse counts ensure what you’re seeing in your digital dashboard matches what you’re seeing on your warehouse floor. 

Quick Transfers Between Warehouses

Waredock allows you to quickly and easily transfer your goods between warehouses.


How to get started with multi-warehousing?

Waredock offers strategically located facilities and cross warehouse inventory system. As a first step you will be onboarded to our easy to use platform. We help our customers with quick out of the box integration to merchants ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. As a final step you will ship your products to our multi-warehouse and are ready to start fulfilling orders!

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